Love Notes

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know I love making blackout poetry. This February, that love took a new shape, just in time for Valentine’s day. Okay, not really in time… a lot of them got sent after Valentine’s day. What can I say? Good things take time!

Timing notwithstanding, Love Notes were born, along with inspiration for an Etsy store, which I hope to have up and running asap. Let me know if you have any favourites, I’m still deciding which ones to make into cards for my new store.


And in the heart,

A love intent,

Love in whole.



A sudden thunder of purpose,

the wind crazy

with amorous cries

for a great love.


He, at last,

has laid his fingers

on that glittering love

that burns.



Come dance –

time runs on,

run on with me.



Blood leaped fierce,


my lips to passion.




Planning on Creativity


I’m a little old-school when it comes to daily planning. Nothing in on my phone – I have to have everything on paper in an agenda. I love moleskins, but I wanted to have more colour and creativity in my life. So I decided to make my agenda a place for that! I added a quote to the top of every week, and now am collaging or drawing on the page beside. The result is that every week feels fun and inspirational.

I used to collage stuff all the time. Every notebook I owned in high-school was covered, and at their request, I did the same for a lot of my friends. It was something I really loved to do, but something I hadn’t done in a long time. I’ve been trying to invite more low-pressure creativity into my life (aka. projects I’m not banking my future on and consequently don’t cause me any stress) and collaging was one result of that decision.

My whole goal with this agenda was to have a keepsake. I want to remember this year by having a record of all the things that I worked on etc. I’m saving all the cards and letters that I get so that I can store them in the pocket at the back. I’m also doing a daily gratitude practise where I write a small moment that made me happy. I only have a small space for this, so it’s like a twitter for gratitude. As these moments accumulate, I’m already looking back on them and re-living tiny beautiful moments that may otherwise be forgotten.

Here’s a peek at some of the pages I’ve done so far:

IMG_0744 IMG_0745 IMG_0746 IMG_0747


Enjoy the Little Things

Things have been very busy with wedding season (lots of weddings to photograph and edit!) but I have been making progress on my illustrations for The Alphabet of Imagination. #janedrawswithcrayons

The Starship Enterprise. A copy of this drawing is already hanging in the baby's room!

The Starship Enterprise. A copy of this drawing is already hanging in the baby’s room!



Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call?

A photo of most of the drawings I've done so far. I'm really happy with the overall aesthetic.

A photo of most of the drawings I’ve done so far. I’m really happy with the overall aesthetic.

A sort of crest for the back cover. Sonic screwdriver and lightsaber for sci-fi, Elder wand and sword for fantasy.

A sort of crest for the back cover. Sonic screwdriver and lightsaber for sci-fi, Elder wand and sword for fantasy.



Do I look like Indiana Jones? Or dare I say...Indiana Jane?

Do I look like Indiana Jones? Or dare I say…Indiana Jane?

Things got a little epic for my Neverland drawing.

Things got a little epic for my Neverland drawing.

I have to say, when I started this project, I never imagined how much fun I would have drawing with crayons. It’s addictively delightful and stress relieving. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop after this book is done. My crayons now have a permanent spot on the shelf above my desk. The coordinate so nicely with this helpful reminder.

My crayons now have a permanent spot on the shelf above my desk. The coordinate so nicely with this reminder.

Jane Draws with Crayons

My lovely sister and her fantastic husband are having a baby in November! I, of course, decided this was an occasion to write a book. We are a family very passionate about science fiction, fantasy, reading and imagination in general and so I wrote an alphabet style book (think A is for Apple) but with all things geeky, fantastical and awesome. The working title is The Alphabet of Imagination.

I finished the text, and have now set about illustrating it. I decided that crayon drawings would make for a fun and colourful experience. I forgot how much fun it is to draw with crayons!!!

Here is the first instalments of #janedrawswithcrayons






When I moved to Ottawa and asked my fellow poets about the literary scene, everyone mentioned Bywords. Given these rave reviews, I was delighted to have a poem in the May issue. The website features new work each month, but you can access past issues through the archives. While I strongly encourage you to spend time browsing past and current issues of Bywords, I’ve included my poem below as well.

The Language of Trees

For Lorna Crozier


I used to be afraid of trees, she says,

I’ve never even feared their shadows,

though I’ve heard they twist like monsters

and even in daylight, they have thorns.

I was raised by trees, like Remus and Romulus

but with a different bark,

they stood in for castles or shipwrecks when I played, held me when I cried,

taught me how to grow, with deep roots and arms reaching.


In winter, I would stand in the forest

until I heard the cry of a sapling weighed almost to breaking with snow,

my tiny hands wiping the branches clean.

As I grew, I remembered this as a game,

but as I learn to be still,

I hear again the language of trees.

I wonder what favours they’ll ask,

what secrets they’ll share

as they sing me to sleep, like all good mothers.

The Poet’s Dollar


Athletes love their jobs, so we stopped paying them,

they didn’t even work, they just played games.

Now they all have serious careers,

the goalie is a teacher, the quarterback is a waiter at the local diner,

hopefully the forward can get time off from the factory and the grocery store

because the World Cup is a great opportunity for exposure.



Here’s how to know if your doctor is good:

if they expect to be paid, they’re an amateur,

if they’re thinking about their hungry children

they’re not in it for the medicine.



Justice is priceless,

we couldn’t possibly pay the lawyers.


Jane Kerrison


This poem contains only actual items that I saw on a walk around my neighbourhood. Archeologists will write libraries from what they learn about us from our garbage.


The tide of winter carried our garbage to the shore of spring,


a travel mug, the tray from the inside of a microwave,

blue twine spread so abundantly as to resemble tinsel.


A single mitten shrivels like a raisin

and water bottles twist themselves into icicles.


Cigarette cartons are bountiful, as are Tim Horton’s coffee cups

and empty beer cans. Littering a vice like alcohol, nicotine or caffeine.


A rusted muffler and tail pipe lie on the grass like road kill,

dismembered, the rest of the car simply kept going.


Of the many bottle lids,

I can only assume that people are more concerned with opening

than closing,                                     when we’re done


we just throw it away.


Jane Kerrison

It’s Poetry Month!

Happy Poetry Month!! If you haven’t signed up for Knopf’s e-mail list (a poem in your inbox every day of April!!) you can do so at

Versefest is finished for 2015. I’m already excited for next year! Despite being a poet for many years, I had never experienced spoken word poetry before. This week gave me a wonderful introduction. In case you’ve yet to experience this art form, here are some of my favourites (so far):

Ikenna Onyegbula is an incredible champion spoken word artist who basically exploded my brain with his fabulousness

Mehdi Hamdad is an poet/singer/songwriter etc. who had one of the most memorable sets this week. He is the lead singer of the band Mehdi Cayenne Club.

Alessandra Naccarato is a spoken word artist/ writer and a seriously lovely person. Her poem Coyote Medicine, Medicine Coyote was a finalist for the 2014 CBC poetry prize.

Titilope Sonuga only read one poem, but it was enough to label me a serious fan. She was stunning.

Rather than mention my poetry in the same breath as these incredible poets, I’ll leave you to explore their work and instead show you something from my sketchbook.